My MS story

As part of our MS Awareness Week campaign we are asking those with MS to share a message of living life to the full with multiple sclerosis. Taflyn Mcloughlin was diagnosed with MS at a young age, but that’s never held her back…

image2‘I was diagnosed with MS during my finals at university, I was 21. I was training to be an occupational therapist and started experiencing some unusual sensory symptoms. My mum has secondary progressive MS, so I knew lots about the condition and spent a lot of time trying to understand my symptoms to see if they might fit the symptoms of any other condition. Secretly I hoped it was psychological, but doctors did various tests and diagnosed me with MS.

I’m now 40! I have two wonderful children aged eight and 10 and a fabulous husband who I met post diagnosis. I currently work part time as an OT in the community, having spent the first 16 years of my career working in acute neurology.

I love walking, I play competitive netball in the Birmingham league (I play Goal defence, or goal keeper if I want to do less running!) and I’ve even been known to participate in the odd Tough Mudder and a few park runs.’


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