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Liz Murby_300As I am sure you aware, World MS Day is less than 17 days away.

Is this a good thing?…

Well, one of the ‘kind of’ less good ASPECTS of our condition is that it seems to be pretty much non ‘picky’ re: ‘target’/ sufferer, that is to say that membership of our MS ‘club’ is limited to /by neither:

• Sexuality;
• Nationality;
• Political preference;
• Sexual persuasion:
• Academic qualification level; or any other ‘entry’ requirement .

That I have MS, while nobody else in my (growing) immediate family [sisters (3), Aunt[s] (2), sons (2) cousins (5), nephew(1) ] has shown any identifiable indicator of the same, I see that, you may or may not?: (it’s not my business, and anyway, how could I ?) as little more than ‘the luck of the draw’!

My own MS journey began a very long time 41, out of my 48years ago and I’m pretty sure you have your own. It may have been when I was in London, following graduation, I experienced the unusual ‘symptom’ of total blindness, in one eye only…not painful, not totally debilitating, but that’s what happened…I crossed several tube lines and ventured to work, as usual.

Quick trip to local doctor (GP) who to my surprise booked me a clinic appointment with an ophthalmologist at St Thomas’ Hospital.

After several minutes, musing quietly, my opthalmologist offered, somewhat apologetically…’well Miss M, I think I may have a diagnosis for you…may I ask? Do you know anything of Multiple Sclerosis?’

Yes, I knew a little, that is to say that I knew my fantastically devoted mother took my 3 sisters and I to see her Aunt, 3 or 4 times a year. (Great) Auntie J was afflicted by the condition.

Beyond my own, probably boring, recollections of my first experiences our condition, there are still, after 4+ years, only a few things I’m pretty certain of: facts…

• It (MS) is a chronic condition affecting the brain and central nervous system (CNS);
• The process of confirming a diagnosis of MS is neither quick, nor easy;
• No 2 MS-ers share identical ‘symptoms’ at the same time.

As time passes by, and visits to my neurologist(s) come around, the international and 24/7 communication facilitated by my, and probably your, interaction(s) with, possibly you, and still all MS-ers globally of the fund-raising projects taking place, and supported by :
• The MS Association of America;
• Associanciazione Italiana Scleriosi Multipla (Italy);
• Esclerosis Multiple Espana (Spain);
• The MS Society (UK);
• Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada;
• National Multiple Sclerosis Society (USA); and
• Sclerose foreningen (Denmark);

To answer my initial question, as I type there are still 17 days until we celebrate WORLD MS DAY 2016!!

My guess is, no, make that I know with absolute certainty that, by the time you have finished enjoying this edition of the MS-UK blog, we are at least 2 hours closer to celebrating the recognised and prescribe-able cure, not therapy to help management of, but cure for Multiple Sclerosis!!!

If you would like to be kept abreast of the first updates, of what’s going on around the world to mark the day, we are all encouraged to contact Sophie Paterson: ….it’s up to us.

Look forward, together positively, together….that way we are all stronger!

Keep going forward friends.



About MS-UK

MS-UK was established in 1993, and is a national charity dedicated to empowering people with multiple sclerosis to make the most of today, and live life to the full. We put people affected by MS at the heart of our work. We provide high quality, professional services to support people living with multiple sclerosis, and we listen to people affected by MS.
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