Making sure the team at MS-UK is as accessible to you as possible!

DynamBtnRyan Jones from the MS-UK Helpline team shares what he does with MS-UK in this blog post…

I love working for MS-UK. The organisation really is doing all it can to make sure people affected by MS can reach out to MS-UK in whatever way is right for them.

There are so many ways you can gain support by contacting the MS-UK Helpline team; post, email, freephone Helpline (including our telephone translation service) and via the instant messenger service ‘webchat’.

The webchat service is a really useful way of getting in touch. You can be connected to an MS Advisor from wherever you are in the world in an instant and begin chatting. One of the great elements of this is that you can connect via any kind of internet enabled electronic device ranging from your computer at work, your tablet at home through to using your smart phone outside a café!Photo of Ryan for blog

It’s important to add that the webchat service can be used no matter where you are in the world. We have been contacted by someone with MS in the USA who for them it was the early hours of the morning and they had been having issues sleeping and just wanted to talk to someone who had an understanding of MS.

Webchat is also really useful for people that want some emotional support, but just can’t face picking up the phone. It’s a great way of connecting to a trained advisor instantaneously, communicating with someone who understands MS, and getting the help that is right for them there and then.

So far this year the Helpline team have supported more than 50 people using webchat, talking about a wide variety of subjects including, diagnosis, being newly diagnosed, symptoms, cannabis, suspected MS, Disease Modifying Therapies, MS progressing and changing mobility needs. There really are no taboo subjects with our Helpline team. If it is important to you, we will happily discuss it.

If you think that webchat sounds like a useful service, please do drop us a line and say hi! We’re here if you need us.


About MS-UK

MS-UK was established in 1993, and is a national charity dedicated to empowering people with multiple sclerosis to make the most of today, and live life to the full. We put people affected by MS at the heart of our work. We provide high quality, professional services to support people living with multiple sclerosis, and we listen to people affected by MS.
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