Independent newspaper looking for case studies

Hi everyone,

Today I had a call from Katie Grant, an Independent journalist who is looking to speak with people with disabilities about how the Budget announcement will affect them.

The Independent are looking to run a story on how people with disabilities could be affected by the new Budget.

If you’d like to find out more or be a case study for the Independent, you can email Katie directly at

Remember – being a case study is your choice, and it may involve being named or photographed.



Marketing Manager, MS-UK


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2 Responses to Independent newspaper looking for case studies

  1. I’m not in the UK but I hope many participate and be heard! I just had my private disability company close my file the week I got diagnosed. They found an out (thanks to stupid young doctors Inhave) and now I don’t know what I am going to do. I was blessed enough to be in the right place right time and was awarded a grant for my MS meds because at $2000 a month, it wasn’t going to happen! I can’t afford other meds like Botox for chronic migraines because I can no longer aford all my meds. If more people scream from the roof tops on what these companies are getting away with we will all be better off! I have my own battle again are a HIGE private company…how that will go we will only find out later but I have faith it will go my way! I’m on Twitter as @tweetingu and will be fighting my fight there so I would appreciate a follow and repost so they know everyone is watching them take away a disabled persons livelihood. Good luck to you guys and I do see some of you taking to Twitter about this issue and I’m behind you guys 100% retweeting and liking…hopefully they will reverse their decision!!!


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