Panorama programme – follow up

I’ll be honest, when I wrote the blog about the Panorama programme, I wasn’t expecting there to be a response – after all, this was just me sounding off, surely?

Seems not.COL_1849a

Quite a few people have responded, and it seems I am not alone in not liking the tone or brevity of the programme.

Danielle Reilly said she felt ‘cheated and deflated’, adding that she thought the programme could be ‘daunting’ for the newly diagnosed.

Kirsteen posted that she thought the episode ‘gave false hope to those whose family members have MS’ while Nikki picked up on the point I made about the programme only showing the positive side.

Many of you also felt that the programme was too short, while many rightly pointed out that people with primary progressive MS were not even given a mention, let alone any hint as to what such treatment might mean for them.

Louise, meanwhile, suggested I was lucky to be so glib about having MS. I am glib about it, I fully concede, but that’s just how I deal with it. I in no way ever mean to make light of what others go through.

If it seemed like I was, then I apologise. That was never my aim.

We all have our own approach, and that’s just one of the ones that works for me.

Please keep your comments coming in. My hope is to speak to the programme makers in the coming weeks with a view to presenting people’s views and reporting on their response in New Pathways 96.

I’m also hoping to speak to the team in Sheffield, again asking the points you have raised, while looking at other areas of stem cell treatment – including, hopefully, clinics in other countries.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your views.

Hopefully we can keep the debate going and continue to help and support each other.


Editor, New Pathways

Affected by the show?

You can contact the MS-UK Helpline to discuss anything related to multiple sclerosis. Just visit our website to live chat with us, or call 0800 783 0518.


About MS-UK

MS-UK was established in 1993, and is a national charity dedicated to empowering people with multiple sclerosis to make the most of today, and live life to the full. We put people affected by MS at the heart of our work. We provide high quality, professional services to support people living with multiple sclerosis, and we listen to people affected by MS.
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One Response to Panorama programme – follow up

  1. Danielle Reilly says:

    I think there was only so much they could fit into one programme so I get that they have gone with the miracle cure scenarios because it makes good tv.
    I do think it’s a fantastic step forward in finding a cure for ms but I don’t think it offered any information about the risk of this treatment and the eligibility of it. I like you do try to get on with my life post diagnoses, things have changed for me in a lot of ways and I am now disabled walk with a stick and need a wheelchair occasionally however if there is something I want to do I try to find a way to make it happen. Ms is a bad enough disease without me sitting at home and moping about it, I know that is hard and I do have days when I think why me but there are positive ways of living with ms and I hope one day a cure.
    It would be great if they could do another programme that explained more about other types of ms and whether there are possibilities for them and also to explain the risks and eligibility of the stem cell treatment. Also to explain to the newly diagnosed that this isn’t a treatment they have to have straight away and there are other options and that the stem cell treatment is more of a last resort if other meds don’t help.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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