The Skydiving Stag Night/High Flying Hen Do!

Rory and Hilary 5So, everything for your friend’s wedding day has been planned, the day is getting closer and you’ve suddenly been asked as best man and woman to organise the stag night and hen do. Nightmare! You can’t think of anything to do!

Well, we believe we have found the answer.

We were discussing in the office what the most inventive and memorable stag or hen do would be, and as we discussed it, we realised that the answer was right under our noses and sitting at my desk the whole time. The most inventive stag/hen do would definitely be to go skydiving!

Thinking about it, we had seen skydives done before on some TV shows for stag/hen do’s and we thought it was the perfect day of pre wedding fun and would be a good way make the big day far less daunting for the bride and groom. You could also skydive during the day and then by night hit the town with your friends!

So, the other reason it would be the perfect stag do of course, would be that you can book it through MS-UK and fundraise for us at the same time. This would also make the jump completely free if you manage to raise the sponsorship minimum of £395 each. Leaving you with some extra money to treat your groom or bride to that big night out!

Rory and Hilary 6You’ll also do several amazing things all at the same time…Support MS-UK and the services we provide, jump out of a plane at 10,000ft which is no small achievement and finally give your bride and groom an experience and a story they’ll never forget!

So if you are the best man or woman, or know someone that will be, maybe this could be the opportunity of a lifetime for them!

Get in touch with me at or call me on 01206 226500 for more information on skydives! Alternatively, if you’d like to go straight to booking, please follow this booking link and fill out the form!


Fundraising Assistant

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Guest blog: Mother’s Day is upon us…

In this guest blog, Chloe Metson reflects on Mother’s Day and what that means when you have young children while living with multiple sclerosis at the same time. You can check out her blog, Tantrums and Tingles, online today for more too!

Mother’s Day is upon us, and it’s the time of year when I reflect on how lucky I am.

I’m the mother to two beautiful children, but it hasn’t always been the easiest ride.Chloe photo for mum blog

I was diagnosed with MS when I was 18 years old, which really put a spanner in the works when it came to making future plans. Back then I didn’t have access to the information I do now, so I felt very much alone. The future seemed daunting and scary.

With that in mind, I couldn’t even imagine having a family and being strong enough to cope with everything motherhood throws at you. How would I be able to cope with labour when I was so fatigued? How could I cope with night feeding? Broken sleep? And even just physically carrying a child all the time? It seemed terrifying to say the least. So for years I resided myself to the fact that I would never be a mother.

It’s only when I reached my late twenties that me and my husband decided to take the plunge and start a family. All of the doubts were still there, but the thought of never being a mother gradually overtook any fears I had. And I’m so glad we did it.

It’s very tough at times, and my MS undoubtedly gets in the way, but in those early days I was amazed at how much my body adapted. Of course I was still fatigued, but I coped better than expected, and with help and support we found a way around it. I rested whenever I could, and though we didn’t get out much and socialise, I was content that we were doing what was best for us.

For all the tough times, motherhood is one of the most rewarding experiences I will ever have. I remember the overwhelming pride I had in myself for just getting through labour, and delivering this beautiful creature into the world safely. I knew it was going to be tougher for me as a Mum, but because of this even the smallest achievements had a greater significance for me.

I never think of Mother’s Day as being a celebration of me as a Mum though, but rather a time to thank other mothers for their help. My own mother. My mother-in-law. My friends and family members who are mothers. They help to take the strain when things become too much, and we stick together as a family. I want to thank them because they make coping with two children a joy instead of a worry. I truly couldn’t do it without them, and they make me the mother I am today. A happy mother who, despite the MS, feels confident enough to deal with the challenges motherhood brings.

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The Royal Parks Half Marathon – Why I’m excited!



We’ve got a new event this year in the form of a half marathon around London’s Royal Parks! Can you guess what it’s called?

Yep, the Royal Parks Half Marathon!

I wanted to write a blog as to why I think this is going to be an amazing event, I’m really excited about it!

The event is now 10 years old, so it will be a celebration of all things running. This means they’ll pull out all of the stops and make participants feel extra special when they run, which is what we always love to hear. After all, people are running a half marathon for us – no small achievement! There’s even a food and fitness festival at the start/finish!

The Royal Parks Half Marathon may have one of the more beautiful settings for a half marathon as well…it’s in the autumn (08 October), just as the leaves are falling and it’s around the leafy parks of London, ones which are world renowned for their pristine walks (or runs)! From the lake of Hyde Park and the Pelicans of St James’s Park to the spectacular sight of Nelson’s Column, the scenery and wildlife is a major advantage of this run!

Finally, you will be in good company…around 16,000 runners take part each year! This means there’s a really good social aspect with the race. There’s a chance to meet a whole new group of people who share your passions, whether that’s running, fundraising, or shining a light on good causes in general.

So that’s why I think the Royal Parks Half Marathon is one to get excited about this year. It’s certainly made me excited!

So if this sounds like the event for you, please do get in touch with me and I can send you more information on the event!

Get in touch by email on, on 01206 226500, or fill out this form and I will get back to you!

Thanks for reading!

Fundraising Assistant

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Would you like to chat online to a member of our Helpline team?

film1We have been using an online live chat system for some time now and it has shown to be popular. Certainly for those who may not feel in a position to pick up the telephone for whatever reason, and for those who would like a more instant response than email. It also means we have been able to chat to people abroad too, when they may have found it difficult to find support.

Our Digital Officer, John, has now developed a nice little function whereby a pop up appears on every page of our website to show people that the live chat facility is available. This has certainly increased the amount of web chats we have received which is great as it has meant we have reached out to more people affected by MS.

If we are engaged – either chatting to someone already, or perhaps on the telephone – then a message can be left via email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Laura, Kim and Ryan

The MS-UK Helpline team

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Fundraiser of the Month: Jason Tilley!

This month we will be honouring Jason Tilley as our fundraiser of the month!

DSC_0100.JPGJason got in contact with us because he had decided to run the Colchester Half Marathon, both our and his local half marathon on the 13 March!

Being relatively new to running was not a problem. Jason had been toying with the idea of running the Colchester Half Marathon and entered, using the opportunity to raise money for MS-UK a worthy local charity. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to fundraise for an MS charity due to the fact that one of Jason’s close friends was diagnosed with the condition recently and this was a great way to show support.

Jason started his training for the half with 17 miles in the first week and had covered over 150 in training before the start of the event and has even continued to run a little bit more in the week following. Finally running the event in slightly under 2 hours!

After receiving one of our fundraising welcome packs Jason was off with his fundraising like a shot out of a starting pistol! Setting up a JustGiving page right off the bat which saw updates on his running progress throughout his training. Jason also set himself a challenge of receiving £50 per mile of the half marathon in fundraising, but smashed through this target within a month of the Half Marathon and set a new target of £100 per mile! Very close to achieving the target, he is only around £100 off!

Take a look at his JustGiving page online today!

Jason had loads of help from friends, family, work colleagues, suppliers and clients with Facebook and LinkedIn posts being a huge help towards his target. His company also helped out in sending out a press release on their website to tell of his fundraising efforts!

We are extremely grateful for all the effort Jason has put in to fundraising for MS-UK and for training and running the Colchester Half Marathon! We’ve loved hearing about Jason and his fundraising efforts and think the title of Fundraiser of the Month is very well deserved!


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Colchester Half Marathon – thank you!

DSC_0031Hi everyone,

Well, yesterday we had an amazing day supporting the Colchester Half Marathon – and what a day!

A massive thank you to every single person who ran for MS-UK!

You can now view our Facebook photo album online

DSC_0077Thank you to everyone who ran, volunteered, organised and promoted the day. It was great fun to be a part of it and cheer on all the amazing runners at the mile 10-11 water station, but we couldn’t do it without our dedicated volunteers.

If you’d like to take part on behalf of MS-UK next year,  or volunteer with us, just email Jenny today or call us on 01206 226500.

Thanks again!

Love from the fundraising team


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Guest blog: The Mont Blanc challenge!

In this guest blog, Tom Carr tells us all about his forthcoming challenge in aid of MS-UK…and boy what a challenge!

Tom is climbing Mont Blanc, and then skiing all the way down again!

Every penny Tom raises will help MS-UK continue our vital work supporting anyone affected by multiple sclerosis…

Tom Carr Mt Blanc blog image, Mar 2017.jpgWell here we are! Just over two months until I make my ascent on Mont Blanc and ski all the way back down.

I am raising money for MS-UK, the multiple sclerosis charity. This is a charity close to my heart, as I am doing this challenge in memory of a beloved family friend, Jane.

As I face the white mountain, that stands at an impressive 4,800m, and face the changing weather conditions throughout the week, I will be thinking of Jane and the family she has left behind (my good friends Tom and Emma), and I hope to do her proud.

My trip is now booked for 01 May 2017 with the preceding days for some last minute training and familiarisation.

Over the last few months I have made several trips to Scotland, climbing Ben Nevis, Ben Lomond, Cairngorm Mountain and ‘yomping’ along with a training mask. I resemble Hannibal Lector from a rather well known film!

My home training consists of mainly running with both altitude acclimatisation mask and a 25kg bag of cement in my rucksack, and of course a few strange looks.

Next Saturday 18 March I’m off to Andorra for some altitude training and skiing. This will keep the ski legs working and hopefully help out with future employment.

The great news is that on 28 March I will be going to Everest base camp for high altitude acclimatisation. This is with the kind support of an anonymous sponsor.

I fly from Manchester to Dubai then on to Kathmandu and again on to Lukla airfield perched on the side of a mountain at 8000 ft.

I will be spending 19 days in all with travel, trekking and climbing.

A further blog on my return!

I’m hoping to raise in excess of £5,000 for the event so please give generously!

You can sponsor Tom today, and read his full story, by visiting

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